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I am still new to the MIDI world. It is very flexible and vast in sounds and editing capabilities. Using virtual instruments within the computer recording software one can create a song and then put in changes to sculpt the sound to make it unique.

The songs in this section are done on a virtual rack of synthesizers, a virtual instrument tank inside the recording software and a combination of MIDI and audio tracks.

'Got the Blues' is a song I wrote for the reason of the title and 'Taking the Enterprise to the Prom' are songs using a combination of all three types. 'Soaring Gymnast' is originally Midi Sample Tank, revised midi data to use string instead of synth lead.

The others were fun to build off the drum machine as a starting point or write with the pencil tool in the MIDI track.

  1. Got the Blues
  2. Trans-1
  3. Windows In Out
  4. Soaring Gymnast
  5. Back in Black
  6. Easter Sunday
  7. Taking the Enterprise to the Prom
  8. Jim Hop
  9. March of the Synths
  10. Matrix Nights
  11. Midi Sample Tank
  12. Reason Building

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