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I have been teaching guitar and bass guitar for 10 years. I currently go to the home for lessons every other week for 1 hour. I teach scales, site reading music and songs you want to play. I also can get a student started on piano at a beginner level. I consider myself a Music teacher that uses a guitar for demonstration.
E-mail or call me to schedule appointment. Limited spaces are available and I mainly stay in the Bucks County area.
  1. Alternate Bass
  2. Alternate Bass Lead
  3. Swing 8th's
  4. A Walk in the Park
  5. Blue Guitar
  6. Blues Turnaround
Computer Recording Workshop
Record guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and MIDI
Edit, mix and master a CD
Hands-on / class size limited to 6
Email for more info or to register

Jimmero Studio, Kintnersville, PA
T: 267.885.8271 | Email: jim@jimmerostudio.com

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