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This amazing band's guitar player, Matt Runkle, is one of my former students. I worked with Matt for over 4 years. He has gone on to incredible heights with his style and technique. He also is kind of responsible for my comeback to song-writing. We wrote a lot of leads together for his days in the Palisades Jazz Band.

Coup de Grace was just back in the studio and has created 3 new songs. It gave us a chance to try out the new Digi002 gear. You'll find here a pretty good representation of the power these guys can generate.

For info E-mail the studio. Included are "Freestyle", "Meltdown" and a song Jim named "Kwauan yet". "Baseless" is remixed, now with vocals. Also listen to "A to E" and "Oblivian".

Matt Runkle said:

"We were amazed at some of the sophisticated editing and placement of special effects Jim was able to execute. We are really looking forward to returning to JIMMERO studio."
  1. Freestyle
  2. Meltdown
  3. Kwauan Yet

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