Jim Roney Bio

Hi, I'm Jim Roney. I became interest in music when I was 10 years old. My grandfather was tuning his violin, and when the string went in tune I told him 'that's it'. He looked at me because he knew I could hear when it was in tune, and he bought me a guitar the following weekend. My interest soared when the Beatles came on the scene. I learned a lot of my chords from playing the Beatles music.

I started working in bands from the time I was 15. I've been in many bands playing a variety of music styles from rock to dance to musicals to spiritual. I also listen and like a variety of music including classical and techno.

As I stated in the JIMMERO studio intro, my work with multi-track systems has brought me to use all my music experience. Giving guitar lessons also introduces me to discover harmonies and song writing technique in the songs my students wish to play. When you listen to music, it mostly is comprised of several musicians playing different instruments. My passion is in hearing and composing the harmonies and voicings to produce an individual unique sound.

When you come to JIMMERO studios I will work with all the tools I have at my disposal to experiment and produce the sound you are looking for. AND, every session comes with a pizza break.